Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cut It Out Frames: {Commercial Photographer}

I was asked by
Cut It Out
to take some pictures of their frames. I had several and couldn't wait to get them up in my house.
My wall in my hallway is now my FAVORITE place in my house. (I love looking at my cutie pies) I have been able to not only frame some of my favorite pictures, but the frames make them look like art pieces.
Our new home has these gorgeous built in cabinets, so when I placed my order, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted and I couldn't be happier!
Go check them out and get some art pieces up on your wall today.
Cut It Out

 photo DSC_2309fb_zpsf16a3f74.jpg  photo DSC_2310fb_zpscf47ba43.jpg  photo DSC_2325fb_zps9314e5ba.jpg  photo DSC_2338fb_zpsb2623f77.jpg
Here is my new gallery wall at the end of my hallway! I am in LOVE! I have been planning this for a long time and finally had all the pieces to put it together!
 photo DSC_2351_zps74b37166.jpg  photo DSC_2355fb_zps340ab59b.jpg
These are my two FAVORITE pictures of my kiddos!
 photo DSC_2366fb_zps1ba01f2e.jpg  photo DSC_2364fb_zps052dda59.jpg
I so wish I could take the credit for this built in, but the previous owners of our house (also good friends of ours) built it into the wall. It is GORGEOUS and I'm so happy to have it! When I knew we were moving into the house, I ordered the perfect size frame for the center and knew exactly what picture I wanted to use of my kiddos. That is the Las Vegas Nevada LDS temple, where my husband and I were married almost 13 years ago. LOVE this picture!
 photo DSC_2379fb_zpse81ddae9.jpg  photo DSC_2380fb_zps4105b170.jpg  photo DSC_2381fb_zpsd2688b1b.jpg


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